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Mission Statement

Supporting research today to meet Veterans' health needs tomorrow!

This institution supports the research-related activities of the VA (principally the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center) while enhancing its revenue and sustainability.

Vision Statement

In three or fewer years, this institution will:

  • Evolve operationally to include an enhanced staff more fully capable of winning and administering grants for its clinical trials network while being led by an Executive Director who oversees operations and focuses on the “big picture.”

  • Be governed by directors comprised both of scientists and well-placed community-based professionals fully devoted to CRI’s mission through exemplary meeting attendance, strong committee participation and fully embracing the necessary fundraising requirements of CRI.

  • Grow financially healthy to the extent that CRI supports a variety of pilot grants, maintains the adequate reserves to operate in lean economies and grows the number and type of studies funded.

  • Be invited to attend all meetings at which VA investigators discuss staffing and/or strategic planning; whose work is well understood by VA employees, volunteers and especially veterans, all of whom know how to contact CRI for information about clinical trials.

  • Offer compensation and benefits commensurate with MUSC and the VA and is included in all VA employment orientation materials.

  • Consult with the VA in all discussions involving research including new investigations, research space, staffing, administration, and future opportunities.

Architect hold plans

Supporting research today to meet Veterans' health needs tomorrow!

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