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Our Story

Here at Lowcountry Center for Veterans Research, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our mission. Since September 1995, we’ve been supporting groundbreaking research and development at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Health Care Systems through collaborations with federal and local agencies, private corporations, and like-minded foundations. 


Brittany Baber

Executive Director

Brittany Baber joined LCVR in 2018 and has served as the Executive Director since 2019. She has 17+ years of experience in federal, industry, and foundational sponsored research administration in the academic sector, the VA sector, and the non-profit sector. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership and Management from the College of Charleston. Brittany is passionate about research and is committed to LCVR's goal of enhancing veterans health and well-being through discovery and innovation.


Supporting research today to meet Veterans' health needs tomorrow!

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