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Site Feasibility

Who are parties to the contracts?
  • Sponsor

  • Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Ralph H. Johnson VA Health Care System

  • Lowcountry Center for Veterans Research

Who Reviews the Contracts?
  • Contracts are reviewed and negotiated by LCVR Admin staff with concurrence from the Office of General Counsel, STAR Attorney

What is the expected turnaround time for contract reviews?
  • LCVR's typical revision time is 5 days for initial review + 2 days for subsequent reviews. 

  • OCG's standard revision time is 10 days for initial review + 5 days for each subsequent review

***turnaround times are subject to change based on workload and complexity of ***contract.

Can contracts and budgets be negotiated concurrently?
  • Yes, budgets can be negotiated while contracts are being negotiated. LCVR manages both tasks. 

What IRBs can be used?
  • Medical University of South Carolina

  • VA Central IRB

  • Advarra

  • WCG

Study file storage
  • Study records are managed in accordance with the VA Privacy Act System of Records Notice.

  • We will store records is our local facility for 6 years. Study records may be destroyed after
    that in accordance with federal Privacy Act guidelines and VA Records Control Schedule 10-1, item number 8300.6.

  • If the sponsor requires storage in excess of 6 years, costs for this
    additional retention will be included in the budget.


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