Study Coordinator

Position # LCVR032021-05

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that each assigned study meets its intended goal(s) and that study activity conducted is in compliance with all state and federal regulations.

  • Communicate with the principal investigator and project manager to obtain necessary documentation

  • Follow all laws regarding the health and privacy of trial participants

  • Prepare all documentation and official paperwork related to the trial

  • Collecting data obtained from research, coding and analyzing it

  • Communicating with participants regarding study objectives

  • Administering questionnaires and monitoring participants to ensure they adhere to the study's rules

  • Monitoring the study to ensure that it complies with protocols, is ethically conducted and follows regulatory standards

  • Maintaining research records of study activity, including case report forms, drug dispensation records or other regulatory forms as per FDA guidelines

  • Responsible for the collection, labeling, storage, and transport of all specimens

  • Ensure that all equipment and supplies needed for the study are in-stock and in good working order

Qualifications & Hiring Criteria:

  • Authorization to work in the US to apply for this job and are subject to a background/suitability investigation

  • Education: minimum of 4-year degree in relevant field