Investigator's Support Policy

Policy Statement

LCVR will provide VAMC support funds equal to 3% of direct federal expenditures to VA Principal Investigators (PI) for federally funded grants. Funds are to be spent on allowable costs, so they are eligible to be included in the LCVR indirect cost pool when negotiating the federal IDC rate.

VAMC support funds are earned throughout LCVR’s fiscal year (FY) beginning October 1 and ending September 30. Allocations are based on grants earning full federally negotiated IDC.

The LCVR Board of Directors reserves the right to put restrictions on VAMC support funds at any given time.


VAMC support funds are intended to give VA PI’s access to a portion of the LCVR indirect cost collected for LCVR administered funds earning the full LCVR negotiated IDC rate. These funds are intended to provide a funding source for items that are typically not allowed on federally funded projects yet are in support of the research environment of VA R&D approved research.


Allowable indirect cost pool expenses include, but are not limited to:

  • Books and subscriptions for general, i.e., not project specific, knowledge

  • Memberships in professional organizations (cannot include lobbying costs)

  • Moderate alterations of space (needs to be specifically authorized)

  • Furniture

  • Equipment

  • Service contracts

  • Software that supports indirect activities

  • Personnel that support indirect activities such as administrative support functions within a VA service

  • Travel not directly related to a specific project, e.g., to scientific meetings

If less than $500 is expended in a 3-year time span, LCVR will charge a 3% fee to keep the account active.

VAMC support funds cannot be used to purchase capital equipment (durable, non-expendable assets with acquisition costs, including taxes, shipping and installation, of $5,000 or more)

If the PI departs from Charleston VAMC, any balance in VAMC support funds will revert to LCVR Operating account or transferred to an account reserved for future pilot research projects. In the event that a change of PI occurs, any unused VAMC support funds will be transferred to the new PI.