Subscription, Dues, and Conference Registration Policy

Policy Statement

Lowcountry Center for Veterans Research (LCVR) is committed to fostering access to scientific information that allows VA and LCVR personnel to remain current in their fields and apprised of cutting edge developments for the benefit of VA research and education. This involves subscribing to journals as well as facilitating VA investigators’ full participation in scientific and educational organizations and conferences.


Personnel may request payment or reimbursement for the cost of subscriptions for research related publications and approved educational materials that provide a clear benefit for VA research or education. Subscription requests must indicate a business, not residential, address for delivery.

If a membership is necessary to obtain the publication, or if it is cost-effective to pay for a membership in order to obtain the publication and/or to attend meetings and conferences at a significantly reduced rate, LCVR may pay the dues. However, the organization must have a research orientation as demonstrated by publication of research journal(s) and/or hold scientific meetings of benefit to VA research.

If an organization offers no justifiable publications, but holds a meeting that has research relevance or educational value, and the cost of dues is justified by a reduction in the meeting registration fee, when practical, membership dues will be paid at the same time as the registration fee. (Purpose is to avoid paying for a membership justified by access to a lower registration fee, but subsequently the individual is unable to attend the meeting.)


Executive Director evaluates each subscription or conference request and decides whether to pay for a subscription, dues, or conference registration fees on the basis of research relevance or in the case of educational subscriptions, whether there is a benefit to VA or LCVR employees, or to VA patients, and business prudence.