Procurement Policy

Policy Statement

Supplies and expenditures in support of research activities such as chemicals, animal, laboratory

supplies, etc. may be requested by the Principal Investigator or a designated research staff member by

submitting the appropriate paperwork to LCVR. This includes request for check or request for payment

via credit card.


When requesting payment for an order, a form based on method of payment must be submitted for

approval. Either form includes

  • Date of request

  • Project name (specify a study)

  • Investigator signature (certifies the purchase as necessary to the project)

  • Research justification

The Check Request form is to be used for reimbursements to individuals or for payment directly to a

vendor by check. Individuals will be reimbursed for expenditures made for small (“odds and ends”)

supplies necessary to a project, that unless approved in advance should not be in excess of $100, and

all original receipts must be attached to the reimbursement request.

The Credit Card Payment Request form is used to order items via fax or secure internet site. A credit

card may be issued to LCVR financial management personnel to be used for legitimate LCVR business

expenses. This includes, but is not limited to, travel and approved purchases.


All purchase requests must be submitted on LCVR forms, not VA forms. The financial management

personnel reviews paperwork to ensure all information is complete. The Executive Director or financial

manager designated by the Executive Committee shall approve all purchases prior to transaction


Any transaction equal to or greater than $5,000 must receive secondary approval from a designated


If LCVR reviews a proposed expenditure and deems it inappropriate, the Principal Investigator may

seek review by the Board of Directors for final disposition.

NOTE: All disapproved requests will be retained in the LCVR Research File as evidence of review and

disapproval for future audits.

Supplies, equipment, and needed services may be purchased on the open market. Any item over

$5,000 must have at least three (3) bids unless sole source justification can be provided. All equipment

items purchased for permanent, long-term use, valued over $5,000 are to be capitalized.