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Alzheimer's Research

The SC Institute for Brain Health is dedicated to ongoing Alzheimer's disease research in search of a cure. Our team studies a variety of treatments to combat the disease including those for prevention, current memory impairment or diagnosis, and behavioral disturbances related to the Alzheimer's disease progression.  We are also committed to providing the community with free assessments of memory and cognition, support resources for caregivers, as well as educational opportunities with an emphasis on brain health.

This is an exciting time for Alzheimer's disease clinical research. The advances in our understanding of the disease are helping scientists make great strides in identifying potential new interventions to help diagnose, slow, treat and someday prevent the disease entirely. However, Alzheimer's research can only move forward if people are willing to volunteer for clinical trials and studies, so we are forever grateful to all of our past, present and future research volunteers for making the commitment to move the field closer to a world without Alzheimer's.

Memory Assessments

Alzheimer's Disease Registry Assessment (ADRA)

  • Must be at least 45 years old

  • 2-3 hour appointment

  • Memory and cognitive tests, review of medical history

  • Research diagnosis provided to patient after clinician review

  • Results sent to healthcare provider(s) for follow up

  • Used to assess patients with reported memory changes or history of memory impairment

  • Study partner/informant required to attend with patient

Memory Screen

  • Must be at least 45 years old

  • Brief 10-15 minute Mini Mental State Exam (MMSE)

  • Provides basic measure of memory and cognition

  • Not a diagnostic tool

  • Used to track possible change over time in patients without significant memory problems that warrant scheduling of an ADRA

  • Study partner/informant not required

After each evaluation, current research opportunities will be reviewed

with the patient.
He/she will also be added to our patient registry for consideration for future clinical trials.


  • All testing performed at no cost to the patient

  • Access to the most innovative clinical trial opportunities

  • Collaborative relationship with each participant's primary care provider and specialists

To schedule, call (843) 608-1950.

Providers can also fax referrals directly to (843) 608-0970.


Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

Alzheimer's Prevention Trials Webstudy

Study of Sodium Oligonomannate in participants with Mild to Moderate Alzheimer's

Brexpiprazole for Treatment of Agitation in Patients with Alzheimer's

Trial Ready Cohort for the Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease

Lecanemab (BAN2401) for people with increased risk of Alzheimer's 

CVL-871 for the treatment of dementia-related apathy

Memory Improvement through Nicotine Dosing

Escitalopram for agitation in Alzheimer's disease

Currently Enrolling Trials


Supporting research today to meet Veterans' health needs tomorrow!

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