LCVR Employee Compensation Policy

Policy Statement

Lowcountry Center for Veterans Research (LCVR) allows for payroll increases for annual merit increases, merit increases resulting from additional duties and responsibilities, and cost of living adjustments (COLA).


The Equal Pay Act requires equitable pay practices for positions that require similar skills and responsibilities and are of similar importance to the organization. Variability in pay should be based on education, tenure, merit and skill set.

In addition, equitable pay practices tied to merit have been shown to have a positive impact on the retention of desirable employees.



Wages and salaries will be funded from the supervisor’s study and residual fund accounts. Wages and salaries for administrative staff will be funded with operational funds. For split-funded employees, wages and salaries may be split-funded from more than one account. Study budgets and availability of study or operational funds determine if wage and salary increases are appropriate.


Wages and Salaries

Salaries and wages paid to LCVR employees will be based on a compensation matrix approved by the LCVR Board of Directors.

Executive Director compensation will be justified by appropriate comparability data, including compensation paid by similar nonprofit organizations in the same geographical area. Board meeting minutes will document 1) the data used as the basis for determining compensation; 2) who was involved in the decision; and 3) verify that no one involved had a conflict of interest.


Annual Merit Increases

LCVR employee annual performance appraisals are conducted in January. Annual merit increases are limited to three percent (3%) or less.

An annual merit increase recommendation must be requested by the employee’s supervisor in writing. All recommendations must include a current performance appraisal on the approved LCVR performance appraisal form. 

Additional Duties and Responsibilities

A merit increase resulting from an employee assuming additional duties and responsibilities must be requested by the employee’s supervisor in writing. The request must include the employee's name and a complete description of the additional duties and responsibilities.

The LCVR Executive Director will determine the rate of increase based on the LCVR compensation matrix and the effective date of the increase.  

Under no circumstances may a supervisor promise a given rate or date to the employee.

Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA)

LCVR may authorize with the supervisor’s approval a COLA increase effective each January 1, based on the current year's federal adjusted rate. LCVR is not required to implement a COLA.