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Depression Research

The SC Institute for Brain Health is dedicated to ongoing research studies in search of new treatments and better understanding of depression and its symptoms. Our team is also committed to providing the community with free assessments of depressive symptoms that have not improved with the use of antidepressant treatment. 

Participants in a research study have access to treatments that are being investigated for their potential to effectively minimize the presence of depressive symptoms and maximize the impact of proper anti-depressant usage and other therapy routines.  Additionally, our team is able to provide participants with support and training in how to manage depression related symptoms. Depression and mood disorders research can only move forward if people are willing to volunteer for clinical trials. Our team is deeply grateful to our past, present, and future research volunteers for their contributions to the research field.

Depression Assessments

Depression Registry Assessment (DRA)

  • Must be at least 18 years old

  • 2 hour appointment

  • Involves proven measures used to evaluate complaints of depressive symptoms, comorbid factors, treatment and response

  • Research diagnosis and discussion given to patient after clinician review

  • Relevant depression and mood disorders research opportunities shared with patient, if desired

  • Referring provider receives report of all scores, a description of the rating scales used and a summary of currently enrolling trials, as well as notes regarding whether the patient qualifies for a study

  • Used to assess patients in need of further evaluation of depressive symptoms that have not improved with the use of antidepressant treatment

  • With permission, patient will be added to our site registry for consideration for future clinical trials 

At this time, we are not able to offer assessments to those with diagnosed Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia, however we are happy to provide information on local resources that may be of help.


  • All testing performed at no cost to the patient

  • Access to the most innovative clinical trial opportunities

  • Collaborative relationship with each participant's primary care provider and specialists

To schedule, call (843) 608-1950.

Providers can also fax referrals directly to (843) 608-0970.


Depression Trial 1

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Depression Trial 2

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Currently Enrolling Trials


Supporting research today to meet Veterans' health needs tomorrow!

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