Code of Ethics Policy

Policy Statement

LCVR does not tolerate the willful violation or circumvention of any Federal, state, local, or foreign law by an employee or director; nor does LCVR tolerate the disregard or circumvention of LCVR policy or engagement in unscrupulous dealings. Unethical actions, or the appearance of unethical actions, are unacceptable under any conditions.


Each employee and Board member must apply her/his own sense of personal ethics, which should extend beyond compliance with applicable laws and regulations in business situations, to govern behavior where no existing regulation provides a guideline. It is each employee's and director’s responsibility to apply common sense in business decisions where specific rules do not provide all the answers.


In determining compliance with this standard in specific situations, employees and directors should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Is my action legal?

  • Is my action ethical?

  • Does my action comply with LCVR policy?

  • Am I sure my action does not appear inappropriate?

  • Am I sure that I would not be embarrassed or compromised if my action became known by LCVR or publicly?

  • Am I sure that my action meets my personal code of ethics and behavior?


Each employee or director should be able to answer, "Yes" to all of these questions before taking action.


Failure to comply with the standards contained in this policy will result in disciplinary action that may include termination, referral for criminal prosecution, and reimbursement to LCVR or to the government, for any loss or damage resulting from the violation.


Disciplinary action will be taken:

  • Against any employee who authorizes or participates directly in actions that are a violation of this policy;

  • Against any employee who has deliberately failed to report a violation or deliberately withheld relevant and material information concerning a violation of this policy; or

  • Against any Director, Manager or supervisor who attempts to retaliate, directly or indirectly, or encourages others to do so, against any employee who reports a violation of this policy.